[guardione® substation]Leader company in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Accelerating Innovation of Oil & Gas Industry with AI-driven DGA* Solution

“Guardione® substation has a great advantage in that it can predict and prevent sudden failures and malfunctions, providing sufficient grace time to repair and replace equipment at an appropriate time.”

[Account’s Facility Maintenance Engineer]

Account Overview

The account is a leader in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) import and distribution business in South Korea.


Since the majority of the client’s main transformers had been in use for decades without being replaced, we had some reasonable concerns about potential accidents and malfunctions. Most of our staff agreed that the entire system needed to be replaced, and we happened to be at a time when the internal process of transformer replacement was almost completed. Because replacing transformers could cost anywhere between billions to tens of billions of Korean Won, we needed to be able to clearly specify the grounds for this expenditure.


An accurate diagnosis of the transformer’s current state and predictive insights into its prospective state were needed so that the client could effectively plan the transformer replacement schedule. Because the existing diagnostic method lacked reliability, confirming the reliability of guardione®'s industrial AI algorithm-based diagnostic method was the number one priority. The detailed procedure for this was as follows.

1. Learning past data of transformers located within the client’s specific plant.

2. Diagnosis and analysis of recent gas data based on the trained algorithm.

3. Determining the replacement time for transformers based on the diagnostics analysis results of guardione® solution.


Guardione® solution successfully satisfied the client’s needs, as can be seen in the following case. Following this verification process, the client has adopted guardione® solution on all of its oil-immersed type transformers in the country.

1. Using its big data and AI technology, guardione® solution predicted that all of client's transformers would be free of any major malfunctions in the next 5 years. The solution was supported on justifiable grounds provided by onepredict’s professional development personnel.

2. Thanks to the precision of guardione® solution’s diagnosis and prediction, the client was able to dramatically save on budget as well as resources such as manpower and time.

3. The verification process led to the reinstated credibility of the client on insulating oil analytical diagnosis. The insulating analysis using guardione® substation became regular in client's future repair schedules.