[guardione® motor]Leading LPG import and distribution company

Installing sensors inside the motor control cabinet, not on the asset in the field, enables to diagnose faults of motors buried underground, also reducing the maintenance cost.

“Maintenance at our site was used to be tough because the pump motors were buried underground. However, after experiencing that guardione® motor accurately diagnosed motor failures and causes during the PoC process, we immediately decided to introduce the solution.”

[Account's Maintenance Engineer]

Account Overview

This account is a leading LPG import and distribution company in South Korea.


Since the client had major pump motors burried deep underground, it was difficult to determine the status of those motors accurately. Therefore, the only answer to check the condition of the motors was by measuring the insulation resistance with portable equipment, and there was no way to check the mechanical failure of the motor.

Furthermore, as thise client adopted the method of replacing rather than repairing in the event of motor failure, it had a number of spare motors at hand.


There was a need for a solution that supports taking precautions by identifying the exact status of the motor. And guardione® motor has successfully passed the verification process as follows.

1. Providing motor diagnosis and management services by proposing the analysis principle for guardione® motors, their system configuration diagrams, and hardware installation procedures.

2. Working on data learning and modeling for about two weeks after hardware installation.

3. Shared the results of analyzing and diagnosing frequency data from motors using the learned algorithms.


During the PoC process, the following results were derived.

1. Using the solution, two motors were detected as having failed. It accurately diagnosed one motor with a stator and shaft defect, and the other motor with a stator defect.

2. The malfunctioning motor was disassembled to identify the cause of failure, and it was confirmed that the defect occurred.

After the verification session, the client decided to implement the solution based on the trust gained. It is being expanded and used on other sites as well.