[guardione® motor]Specializing in oil refining and petrochemicals company

Diagnose motor defects missed by other solutions and identify their causes, strengthening onsite safety

“The solution has accurately pinpointed the failure of our motor during the PoC process. The actual motor manufacturer confirmed the defect, and the solution's reliability increased."

[Account's Maintenance Engineer]

Account Overview

The account is South Korea's leading company specializing in oil refining and petrochemicals.


The client owns more than 2,000 motors and is conducting various attempts in motor maintenance.

Before adopting guardione® motor, the client has already experienced other solutions to diagnose motors. Other solutions, however, did not provide a clear standard for judging risk for onsite engineers. A lack of after-service capability and frequent errors made the solution unusable.


Guardione® motor pilot project was conducted in partnership with the customer. During the deployment cycle, we've tried to reflect our customer's needs as much as possible in ou solution, guardione® motor.

1. Suggested the criteria for diagnosing defects through the dashboard, in order to provide insights to engineers whether machines are in abnormal status.

2. Proposing the root cause and recommended maintenance actions when a problem occurs.


Guardione® motor conducted monitoring, analysis, and reporting tasks for four months.

1. Through the PoC process on the motor assets, the diagnose results found out the rotor defects, and these facts were properly shared to our client.

2. The client confirmed the rotor defect in the motor with the motor manufacturer, and the credibility toward the solution has enhanced.