[guardione® substation]Public enterprise established under the Port Corporation Act Korea

Cost-efficient compared to existing methods, due to instant implementation that is free of additional infrastructure or hidden costs

“We were able to deploy fast and easy without the need for additional investment.” 

[Account’s Digital Transformation Team Manager] 

Account Overview

This account is a public enterprise established under the Port Corporation Act Korea.


The client saw the need for transformer maintenance but did not practically run a systematic maintenance. When the news of a transformer fire accident at another company broke out, the client immediately saw the need for better transformer maintenance, which is when guardione® substation was proposed for consideration. As guardione® substation did not require additional infrastructure expenses, it soon became a primary candidate.


A verification process was conducted on several high-tension transformers to assess guardione® substation’s performance in terms of providing diagnostic and predictive insights as well as inspection and repair suggestions.


Guardione® solution successfully proved its capacity as seen in the following case, providing client satisfaction and resulting in contract renewal. By continuing to use guardione® solution, the client anticipates safe transformer facility operation and efficacy.

1. Guardione® solution predicted an electrical failure within the next 5 years due to C2H2 gas values in two high-tension transformers.

2. The client quickly proceeded with insulating oil filtration and replacement to resolve the issue at hand.