[guardione® substation]One of the largest chemical companies

By diagnosing the current and future status of key industrial assets, workplace safety has been improved, while costs and resources for maintenance are reduced

“Being aware of the current and future status of key facilities can definitely make us feel reassured at the workplace.” 

[Account’s Digital Transformation Team Manager] 

Account Overview

This account is one of the largest chemical companies. Based in South Korea, the corporation manufactures synthetic resins and other chemical products used for various industrial materials in major industrial complexes, including the Yeosu plant.


Since a minor defect in a transformer can cause serious accidents that lead to the line/plant shutdown and even casualties, the client has been paying extra attention to transformer maintenance.

As facility checks are carried out monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly for workplace safety, there was also a lot of additional "cumbersome" paperwork to manage hundreds of transformers.  

Moreover, through the traditional diagnostic method, the Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) data has to be manually applied to several international standards. Still, there was a limitation that these criteria are all slightly different. 

For the above reasons, the client considered introducing guardione® substation of onepredict, which has been officially recognized for its predictive diagnosis technology and algorithm excellence by participating as a joint developer with Korea Electric Power Corporation, the largest electric utility in South Korea.   


Based on industrial AI and big data, guardione® substation, test-applied to the main batch of transformers, has successfully provided health diagnostic/predictive insights for facilities.

1. Guardione® substation provides not only self-diagnosis results but also diagnosis results according to international standards, including IEC and IEEE.

2. The data log and inspection history of the transformers can be found on guardione® substation's dashboard. 

3. The detailed diagnostic report for each facility allows the client to check the status trend of the facility in the next five years.



As guardione® substation has provided satisfying results as above, the client signed a retention contract, expanding the range of application units from 13 to 60. By continuously utilizing the solution, the client is keen to prevent unexpected accidents and ensure workplace safety.

1. With guardione® substation diagnosing the condition of the transformer and predicting the time of failure, it is possible to efficiently establish cost and resource plans for equipment maintenance and replacement.

2. Unnecessary and cumbersome paperwork is minimized thanks to automatic diagnostic reports and transformers' history management functions.

3. Solution maintenance and customer support are being provided timely under the continuous version-up of GuardiOne® Substation.